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Understanding Custom Home Building



1. What are the benefits of building a custom home?


There are many benefits to choosing a custom home over pre-built or new home. See our "Why choose a Custom Home" section for more information.


2. What can I expect to pay?


- Projects typically range from $250-$300 per sq ft.

- A number of different factors can influence price. Below are the major areas that affect costs:


  • Size of home

  • Appliance choices

  • Custom finishes

  • Recreation room finishes

  • Exterior finishes


3. How long does it take to build a custom home?


- Depending on whether or not you already have a property selected, a custom home can take 12 to 18 months to complete.

- Some factors (other than weather and permits) that can affect the timeline include:


  • Site selection and purchase

  • Sign off on designs

  • Changes to designs and plans


4. What is the likelihood of delays?


Weather and permit restrictions are the major causes for delay beyond our control. Every project encounters delays of one kind or another. However, our team of experts factors these into projected completion dates to give you a realistic timeline for your project.


5. What warranty do you provide on your home?


Sealan Homes is a registered Tarion builder and all new homes are covered under the Tarion New Home Warranty Program.


6. Will you be able to get started on my home right away?


This will depend on whether you have a site selected already or not, and the number of clients on our roster.


7. Are there any projects underway that I can see or buy?


Yes, we currently have some projects underway that are available for sale. Please see our Ridgevale Ravine, Prince Charles or Rushton Road pages for more information.



Getting Started



1. Who can I contact to learn more?


Fill out a form here or call Dean directly at 1-844-5- SEALAN (732526). Dean will contact you to set up a time to meet that’s convenient for you.


2. What does the first meeting involve?


This will be an exploratory meeting with Dean to discuss what you are looking for and how Sealan Homes can be of service to you.


3. What should I bring to the meeting?


Your wish list and pictures of the style of homes you like.

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